Our Story


Breaking free from tradition

With business strategies embedded in our DNA, we like to think of ourselves as a bold and fearless team with a thirst for innovation which means we aren’t afraid to do things differently. We believe in innovation and changing the way things are done, so we don’t shy away from doing things differently.

Artecode is a cloud computing and server hosting IT company in Singapore. We provide our customers with the best possible services by following industry-leading technologies, providing consistency and reliability at every level of service implementation, and building long-term relationships with our customers. We bring cloud technology to any business level through the art of thinking out of the box. Our goal is to accelerate your company’s ability to “Think Bigger” by creating industry leading products, know-how and processes that are affordable and accessible. Then we work on building the processes and knowledge necessary for them to drive innovation in their own company. With that in place, we help clients see the opportunities that are now within reach.

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