Digital Transformation

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Artecode is a leading provider of cloud computing solutions to any business. Our dedicated team of engineers build, deploy and manage your cloud computing infrastructure ensuring the maximum availability and performance for our customers. Our cloud computing infrastructure solutions gives your business transparency, control, and security in a highly competitive arena. We will help you build a cost-effective, scalable cloud that meets your needs and grow with your business.

Artecode Technology offers a full range of cloud computing services, including deployment and management, storage and backup, network infrastructure and other technologies. Artecode’s engineers can help you configure and manage your cloud infrastructure with an emphasis on efficiency and security, be it from scratch or take over the management and optimisation of your existing solutions.

Gaining a competitive edge

We have created a range of cloud solutions that help our clients to maximise their IT budget and gain a competitive edge. The Artecode team has a wealth of experience in managing and optimising organisations’ IT, streamlining business processes, as well as business transformation. Our cloud solutions are dedicated to adding value to your organisation by improving productivity and agility.

What is Cloud Infrastructure Solutions?

Cloud infrastructure solutions are hosted services that enable organizations to automatically scale their computing resources up or down based on customer demand. Cloud infrastructure services (also known as cloud computing) enable agile, on-demand provisioning of virtual machine instances and other resources in a pay-for-what-you-use model. Cloud infrastructure services use the same basic technologies—storage, compute, networking, and software—as private datacenters do, but they use shared resources rather than dedicated ones to provide elastic scalability and high availability at an affordable price.

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